Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

Real-time Big Data applications are currently transforming the analytics workflows in all industries. We provide cloud-based solutions for data integration, storage, and transformation for analytical purposes.

Modern organisations are largely defined by the data that they generate and exchange both internally as well as with external parties. One of the greatest challenges that they face today is how to use these data to make informed decisions and do their strategic planning. A common problem that we face with clients is the lack of experience when dealing with large amounts of data, particularly when real-time capabilities are required.

At Argodis, we understand that data integration and preparation are key to extracting value from the amassed organizational data, that is why big data engineering constitutes a core capability in our portfolio. It is a precondition for building advanced analytics solutions for our clients.

We are a technology-focused company, therefore we prefer to use modern tools that offer us more flexibility and scalability, as well as lower operational costs. That is why we develop cloud-first data engineering solutions with the appropriate set of services that are most suitable with respect of the end-product design. Our vertical integration approach guarantees better success outcomes when creating complex and high-value data products.

As part of our solutions we offer the following services to our clients:

Cloud Data Integration

The first step in creating advanced AI products is to integrate data from disparate data sources and feed that data into a data lake. While classical approaches are based on costly Hadoop-based systems, we like to leverage cloud-based data lakes in order to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability discussed above. We take security very seriously, therefore data protection and anonymization is a first-class priority when building big data infrastructure for our clients.

Cloud Data Operations

Although we prefer to leverage cloud-based technologies in order to optimize operational costs, there are always certain aspects of complex data platforms that have to be taken care of by a dedicated team of devops professionals. We support our clients in this regard in order to ensure the smooth operation of their big data platforms.

Cloud Data Automation

Extracting information from raw data always depends on the quality and state of preparation of the data. As part of our solution offering, we implement automated data transformation pipelines and event-based processing in order to supply the higher application layers (AI Models and end-user applications) with the data they need. These transformations can be either use-case specific or necessary to prepare a higher-quality data store that is shared among applications.

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