Cloud Infrastructure

Whether it’s cloud-native, legacy, or hybrid, we help our clients to migrate and scale their workloads on modern hyperscalers. It’s a great passion of ours to find smart and cost-effective solutions.

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Developers love instant feedback loops, while Operations (Ops) prefer to sleep peacefully at night. We build robust DevOps tools and pipelines that not only accelerate the experience of developers but also give Ops peace of mind.

  • Avoid configuration drift with Configuration As Code (CaC)
  • Declarative, deterministic, and secure infrastructure and deployments
  • Combine and adopt reuseable components with Infrastructure As Code (IaC)


The world setteld on Kubernetes as container orchestrator. While as Argodis has evaluated Apache Mesos and Nomad as alternative and simpler solutions for our clients in the past the ecosystem and the tooling around Kubernetes provides an unique value to it.

  • We use Kubernetes as an abstract deployment platform
  • Consolidate workloads for scale and density
  • Move workloads across vendor clouds

Cloud Native

We use cloud-native design patterns and components to architect and implement solutions that best support our clients requirement. Our approach to cloud-native solutions also includes a focus on security and compliance, ensuring that all implementations meet industry standards and regulations.

  • Embrace cloud-native architectures and technologies to improve scalability and resiliency
  • Utilize cloud-native storage solutions such as object storage for increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Service mesh for traffic management, service discovery, load balancing, and security.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our expertise in data engineering and cloud infrastructure enables us to provide scalable data ingestion and analysis solutions for IoT setups to our clients. Utilizing RTOS such as RTEMS, we have a proven track record of successfully integrating SoC systems into the cloud.

  • Driver development for RTEMS and Zephyr
  • Edge cloud deployments and on device aggregations for low latency
  • Create real-time dashboards that automatically update with the latest data

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