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Automated Infrastructure


The purpose of the project is to build a scalable, and reliable infrastructure for a complex software in the field of laboratory informatics. The software needs to be operated in a kubernetes cluster. The project makes scientific data more readily accessible for ease of integration, collaboration, analysis and long-term archiving. The Kubernetes cluster needs to be setup and configured in different customers’ infrastructure. Therefore, it should be designed in a highly-customizable approach.



  • Configure and operate the continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for solutions based on a complex microservices architecture
  • Create and maintenance of monitoring and reporting systems both for the CI/CD pipelines and products on different deployment tiers
  • Complex microservice architecture with different set of tooling
  • Highly customizable system required to be setup and configure for different clients with different specifications.
  • Programming: Bash
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Tools: Jenkins, GitLab, Rancher, Docker
  • Design and implement a fully automated solution for deployment of the product
  • Provide know-how of CI/CD