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Pricing Analytics


Henkel requested a comprehensive solution for its pricing strategy platform that would allow the business department and auxiliary departments to join forces in data acquisition and evaluation. Building on top of the clients’ preferred and proven cloud migration to Azure Argodis designed a data lake that fulfilled the regulatory and customer requirements. Additional emphasis was put on performance evaluations as the client ingested substantial production data sources into the pricing model. Bringing the project to full fruition Argodis provided technical support and guidance till the platform was proven in production workloads.



Proposed solutions
  • Design and implement a data lake for data integration
  • Databricks for high-volume data preparation and transformation
  • Data quality statistics on incoming and outgoing data
  • Guide on production integration
  • Workshops with Henkel teams
  • Enterprise environment with a variety of stockholders and complex setup
  • Data access requirements from diverse organizational departments
  • Third-party pricing tool with different integrations
  • Azure as customers prefered cloud
  • Delta Lake
  • Databricks